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02/05/09 07:24 PM #1    

Jill Cohen (Winchester)

Welcome to the Neshaminy High School Class Of 1990 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/18/09 06:10 PM #2    

Donna Smoyer (Bridges)

hey Jill, thanks for putting all of this together. This is great!

03/19/09 11:51 AM #3    

Jennifer Colter

Hi Jill!

I appreciate your hard work on this. I regret missing our last one but I'm definitely on board for the next.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

03/20/09 08:17 PM #4    

Tracy Jenkins

Hey Jill,
You are awesome. Thanks for putting this together If you need help with anything, Let me know!!!!

03/29/09 10:56 PM #5    

Michele Zimmerman (Simonet)

Thank you so much Jill for getting the ball rolling for our 20 yr. reunion. I can't wait to see everyone!!

03/30/09 04:53 PM #6    

Karyn Abramson

Hey Jill! Thanks so much for putting this all togheter. I'd love to help out with the planning so definitely let me knwo what you need for help!


04/03/09 08:32 PM #7    

Simone Harbert (Sannelli)

Fun Jilly!! Thank you!!

04/23/09 12:32 AM #8    

Jennifer Williams (Aznarez)

Hi rock...wish I could help you with the reunion!I WILL be there. I'm sending love from Vegas. Thanks for putting all of this together. Love, Jenny

05/28/09 01:44 AM #9    

Jennifer Jorgensen (Germana)

Thanks for getting this going. Add me to the list of volunteer helpers! =)

07/03/09 09:15 PM #10    

Laura Wanner (Parrish)

I just found this website - Very cool. I just returned from VA back to Maine after going to my husbands HS reunion. Thus it's fresh on my mind. Therefore, I suggest having the standard reunion on sat night plus a bar location to hang informally on Friday night (This worked well with my husbands reunion.) Actually, my husband’s 20th reunion flopped with the reunion company that they did the 25th on their own by reserving a restaurant and paying individually for their own food/drink. It worked out great.

08/27/09 09:41 AM #11    

Heather Judson (Wild)

Hi Jill,

I just went through the website and registered. This site is really cool. You did a fantastic job with all this. Thank you for all your hard work. I will pass this website on to the people I know. Connie Fritz passed away October 4th, 1996. She is survived by one son Jesse 18 years old. Thanks again.

09/24/09 02:11 PM #12    

Pamela Egan (McAstocker)



05/11/10 07:03 PM #13    

Roxanne Wadsworth (Lewis) are so amazing! Thank you for all of the help. Cannot wait to see ya again!! CHEERS!!xoxoxoxo

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